Advantages of Precision Drawing Tube

Very high accuracy on ID, OD and thickness.
Good roughness result on OD and ID
Complete Bright Annealing enhance the Corrosion resistance.


1. Precision Drawing Tube for Automotive parts
Small sized tubes for fuel line of automotives parts which require precision.

2. Coiled Form Tubing
After welding, the tubes are cooled before entering the sizing section of the mill, where sets of rolls in pairs accurately form the tubing to its final dimension.
Upon forming the tube is wound on a spool for further inspection and shipments for coiled tube.
This special coiled form tube is used for automotive application and others with another sizing process for straightness so on.
Available on any grade stainless steel, mainly 304, 304L, 316L and other grades.

3. Sanitary Tube
Generally, ASTM A270 will be used and required +/- 12.5% of nominal/ non-nominal thickness.
Both outside & inside bead removed and burr free with cleaned.
The possible range from a mill finish (i.e the strip 2B finish, without any subsequent polishing) to abrasive polishing with 80, 120, or 240 grit and A270 requires a reverse flattening test only.
* Food & Dairy
The Food industry generally requires a tube with no weld bead remnant on the inside if the intended service in handling products.
* Examples: Beverage, Pharmaceuticals, Electronics, Oven & Refrigerators, Restaurant &Kitchen